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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • RIP, Swiss artist David Weiss (b.1946) of Fischli/Weiss: Rube Goldberg-ish video The Way Things Go (Der Lauf der Dinge) #
  • RIP, Joe Muranyi (b. 1928), latter-day Dixieland clarinetist in Louis Armstrong’s band:, #
  • 17th Disquiet Junto project already has 2 new 1st-time participants: Biel, Switzerland’s @tobiasreber & NYC’s @clownfacee. #
  • Somehow got a MBAir cover at Apple store in @soundcloud orange/grey today even though they’re not on the @acmemade site #
  • Note from daycare today says my kid has started a band with two other kids. My kid turns 20 months on Monday. #
  • The telltale pocket-fabric swish with which begins the semi-surreptitiously recorded bootleg of a lecture. #
  • Anyone have any experience with the mailing-list services of or #
  • Read my first Kindle Single: Jonathan Biss’ Beethoven’s Shadow. Pondering his informed critique of the shadow cast by recording equipment. #
  • Wonderful! RT @tobiasreber: posted my 1st disquiet #junto contribution on soundcloud. glad I could finally participate #
  • Downtown San Francisco is like a busker convention today. #
  • Coldplay’s “Trouble” is Pink Floyd fan fiction. #
  • Kickstart that! RT @mutagene: @disquiet we need noise canceling headphones that exploit shazam-like service to identify/suppress ambient pop #
  • Familiarity even more than volume can make a song on a cafe’s in-house stereo soil the intended solitude of your headphones. #
  • Disquiet Junto project 17: record the world around you; make a seamless transition to an existing song #
  • Instructions for the 17th Disquiet Junto project going out shortly to the email list and to the @SoundCloud group page. #
  • Odd thing about Chicago’s elevated trains was hearing things like “now boarding” from blocks away without tracks or train in sight. #
  • Jonathan Lethem name-checks Pete Fornatale, who died today, two pages into his Fear of Music book as an emblem of ephemeral pre-Google audio #
  • RIP, DJ and rock chronicler Pete Fornatale (b. 1945). via @stevesilberman #
  • Reworking my hotel static: RT @jmmy_kppl: Free Artificial Lawn Sample: AntiGravity Certification #4 [@disquiet’s radio] #
  • The compositional theme for this week’s Disquiet Junto will be “transition.” #
  • About 24 hours until the next Disquiet Junto, Number 17. #
  • No, my Google Drive isn’t on yet. #
  • Can’t remember last time I heard the Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner” on a radio. #
  • The NEA’s underlying issue with games-as-art: games fall outside the art world’s financial model. Which is to games’ credit. #
  • Speaking again with Markus Popp (aka Oval) tomorrow. If you have any questions, pass them my way. #
  • I’d say more about the extent to which iOS’ UI fails to keep up with the rapid growth in apps, but I can’t remember which app has my notes. #
  • The TV series Fringe is fan fiction about the weather patterns in San Francisco. #
  • Thanks! RT @GuyBirkin: Discussion in @disquiet Junto is very healthy: 749 tracks, 340 comments. No other SoundCloud group has that ratio. #
  • Talking Heads’ Fear of Music came out on my 13th birthday. I didn’t know it existed at the time. All I cared for was my TRS-80. #
  • Talking Heads : Fear of Music, Remain in Light :: The Beatles : Rubber Soul, Revolver #
  • Beginning to read Jonathan Lethem’s book on Talking Heads’ Fear of Music. #
  • Wondering when/if a consumer-focused cloud price war will kick in, now that Google has finally unveiled its Drive structure. #
  • When @soundcloud goes down, my site looks nekkid. #
  • Many thanks to @sadlypanda for the videos of last week’s Disquiet Junto show in Chicago: #
  • Week 16 of Disquiet Junto @soundcloud: 749 tracks, 170 contributors, 334 discussion items, 1 concert. Much more to come #
  • MP3 of 4/19 Disquiet Junto Chicago concert now available Context to be added on the Disquiet site tonight. #
  • Painting at third-hand shop near my home. #415 #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco on a sunny day, straight out of a Roger Corman disaster film. #
  • So great. RT @debcha: Dug @disquiet post on ‘classical’ button on hotel radio: Relevant Sesame St: #
  • Thanks again to @cdmblogs @verge for covering the Disquiet projects Junto, LX(RMX) and Instagr/am/bient this past week. #
  • Waking at home. Sounds are familiar. More welcome is not being sonically sealed, customary in hotel construction, from the world. #
  • Woke to 34 tracks in 16th Disquiet Junto and great discussion about the nature of back/foreground #
  • The in-house music at Chipotle Grill and Virgin America always has me expecting a KCRW station ID break. #
  • OK, Bluetooth novelty time is over. Would someone please make a simple, portable hardwired keyboard for tablets? #
  • Back in San Francisco. #home #
  • Our Virgin America plane from ORD to SFO is named Unicorn Chaser. #peaknerd #
  • Got word the Chicago Disquiet Junto recordings are all cleaned up. I’ll have data today. Flying home to SF, and will upload soon as I can. #
  • Indeed. Thanks, @jeffblagdon. RT @naotko: In case you missed, We’ve got theverge’d: #
  • Welcome to Disquiet Junto first-timer @pasztor, from the UK: #
  • Ooh, my typing in red. [email protected]: @salvagione Vessels A5 inked in Dutch Fireball @sfcb #
  • The foliage in Chicago’s Millennium Park looks more like architectural-drawing foliage than anywhere else I have ever been. #
  • Finally got to the Bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park. It’s like having Frank Quiteley draw your portrait. #
  • Guy who posted video of Chicago Disquiet Junto show also posted Terence Davies, Barry Gifford, Keith Fullerton Whitman: #
  • ”¦ And provided context to the static vis-à-vis Donald Moffit’s science-fiction novel The Jupiter Theft: #
  • The Internet means 78 people in 12 hours have listened to 18 seconds of radio static that I recorded: ”¦ #
  • 10 shufflings of back/foreground so far in Disquiet Junto 16, including this one by (Chicagoan) 1st=timer StaticOceans: #
  • Morning in Evanston hotel: airplane emerges from the droning of the HVAC. #
  • Video of Jason (@cranksatori) Soliday with Michael Esposito from 4/19 Disquiet Junto show: (expanded glass harmonica) #
  • Video from Jason @cinchel Shanley’s performance at the 4/19 Disquiet Junto show: (expanded glass harmonica) #
  • From poem by Wes Tank read at the 4/19 Junto concert: “i’m inventing a month called ”˜revember’/where there’s reverb on every life sound” #
  • The radio in my hotel room is leaking sounds from the future: #
  • Olfactory art installation by @salvagione on 4/22 at Marin Headlands; @boondesign card features my essay. Details: #
  • Honking outside my Evanston hotel at 9:20pm seems to be Morse code for some manner of sports victory. Or a wedding. #
  • Videos of Vapor Lanes’ two pieces from 4/19 Disquiet Junto show at Enemy in Chicago: #
  • Excellent. RT @ethanhein: New track for junto — beats made from sandpaper, abstract percussion from rolling dice. #
  • In our generative-music future, Record Store Day will be Fixed-Recording Day, MP3s included. #
  • Parenting pro tip, toddler edition: get a hotel near a public library. #
  • Sticker from Jeff Kolar’s Radius broadcast in Chicago. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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