New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • I wonder if my whole interest in drones has to do with the 13-year-old me wishing the opening notes of Yes’ Fragile would go on forever. #
  • Incredible sonic moire outside Old Navy in downtown San Francisco between store-entrance stereo speakers and drumming busker. #
  • PR email received for band whose picture, artfully, doesn’t show faces. No description of music, just links to streaming services. #
  • I suspect @tinyletter may have held up the Disquiet Junto email because it had three embedded links. Spam red flag. #
  • The Disquiet Junto email just seems to have been received, even though it was sent yesterday afternoon by @tinyletter. #odd #
  • We email a lot with our neighbors. I don’t miss the continuous phone ringing that was the soundscape of my childhood. #
  • Yojiro Imasaka’s inspiring photo of an alley: It’s the graphic score Disquiet Junto musicians interpret this week. #
  • The gritty-spectral background photo, by Yojiro Imasaka, for my Twitter page serves as a graphic score in the new Disquiet Junto project. #
  • Instructions for 19th Disquiet Junto are now live: Project due this Monday at 11:59pm, wherever you are. #
  • “rojiura” is a Japanese word for alley #
  • Disquiet Junto project #19 involving graphic notation, to go live (and out to email) momentarily. #
  • Found Â¥10,700 in my (San Francisco) desk drawer, from my most recent (2009) Japan trip. Maybe Kinokuniya will let me pay for pens with it. #
  • 19th Disquiet Junto project begins in a few hours. Join the 154 members of the announcement email list at #
  • Nicely put. RT @artofplanning: Commissioning, not interrupting. RT @disquiet: Rhythms of the yard by Diego Stocco: #
  • RT @DETXL: Listening to v.90 modem negotiate connection is oddly soothing. (1998-me would beg to differ. Via ICQ, no doubt, if phone’s free) #
  • Signed up to check out the “next” SoundCloud. Looking forward to checking it out. #
  • Received the Japanese and Turkish translations of the instructions to this week’s Disquiet Junto project. #graphicnotation #
  • #harmonica #graffiti #stencil #415 #
  • What I imagine Christian Marclay’s door looks like. (Actually a bathroom in the Haight.) #
  • Background on graphic notation in advance of the next Disquiet Junto: + + #
  • Classical/opera record labels really need to engage with @soundhound & @shazam to beef up their recognition software. #
  • Having grown up with comics in the 1970s I’m darn happy about the Avengers’ success, but I was more of a Defenders/X-Men kid. #
  • Mac OS X 10.7.4 update is 729.6 MB but won’t install because system tells me it needs 3.65 GB of space to download and install the update. #
  • PR for group whose music alternates between “electronics” and “harmonies” — because, you know, there’s nothing harmonic about electronics. #
  • My favorite music video game is the interactive spinning beach ball you get to play with when using iTunes. #
  • The image accompanying this story about $87-million Rothko painting should accompany a New Yorker story by Don DeLillo: #
  • Today: writing, call, call, conference call, sausage at Rosamunde Grill, writing #
  • The netlabel proprietor & musician @leonrosado had his laptop stolen. Consider helping him buy a new one: in reply to leonrosado #
  • Denver/Boulder Disquiet Junto concert in mid-August is gaining steam. Details as they come into focus — to mix metaphors. #
  • Writing a bit about manga — which is to say, about telenovelas and jazz. #
  • Adding a little @touchmusic to the afternoon birds/bugs/wind/cars/foghorn mashup. #
  • Afternoon sounds: seagulls and other birds, bees, foghorns, muted surf of automobile traffic, wind, breeze-blown bushes/trees. #
  • Neglected backyard for first 20 months of our 20-month-old’s life. That’s now corrected. Backyard looks/smells/sounds great. Foghorns agree. #
  • If you live in the Richmond District and work from home and are not working outside today, consider doing so. #415 #
  • Dear @idontlikewords, Please combine automated text-to-voice reading of @TheAtlantic blog posts with field recordings of urban noise. #
  • Looking for lead (Python) developer + part-time systems engineer: #virtualoffice #competitivepay #
  • Tuesday noon siren on clear day in San Francisco, multiple speakers echoing each other like some of Philip Jeck’s turntables. #
  • Advance word(s) on this coming Thursday’s Disquiet Junto project (#19): alley / 路地裏 / ろじうら / rojiura. #
  • It was only last week, I think, I’d read our child, now 20 months, a Sendak book for the first time: Night Kitchen. Dough airplanes FTW. #
  • Planned on working to music but the foghorns are especially beautiful and mournful today, noble beasts who lost their leader. #
  • Thursday’s Disquiet Junto, project No. 19, will ask participations to interpret a provided photograph as if it were a graphic notation score #
  • Rhythms of the yard by Diego Stocco: A Burt’s Bees commission. (Mostly for @artofplanning @boondesign.) #
  • Tears before bedtime. RIP, children’s book author Maurice Sendak (b. 1928): #
  • All you bleeding-edge types playing with Mountain Lion: does Desktop Spaces work rationally now, or is it still not ready for primetime? #
  • It’d be nice if AirPlay mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion let you use the iPad (fluidly) as a second monitor. #
  • Er, that was: if you would like to help translate Disquiet Junto projects into languages other than English, lemme know. #
  • Instructions to Disquiet Junto 19 have gone to translators. Glad to be back on multi-lingual schedule. If want to help translate lemme know. #
  • 37 Disquiet Junto pieces in response to project #18 with just a few hours until midnight: #
  • Jukebox at the Hemlock confirmed for me that South of Heaven is my favorite Slayer album. #
  • Yeah, we’re talking about a possible Disquiet Junto concert in Denver/Boulder this August. #
  • There’s lots of ways to draw a cloud, but the @amazon cloud silhouette looks a lot like the @soundcloud cloud backwards. #
  • “Drone in G Major for Sinewaves, Wind and Bubblewrap”: #
  • 33 entries so far in 18th Disquiet Junto, including a bunch by 1st-timers. Excellent, subtle background listening: #
  • Raisins and almond slivers are my new jam. #
  • One of the next Disquiet Junto projects will be: graphic scores. Details TK. #
  • Genius when song breaks for train to pass overhead. #ripmca RT @audiation: So good. So sad. RT @questlove: Style #
  • Haven’t seen Avengers yet but am hopeful there’s evidence of Nick Fury not aging, which will let Samuel Jackson be both Fury & Enoch Root. #
  • RT @TheValiska: This week’s Junto submissions are especially wonderful. The 3 parts in transition offer some really interesting compositions #
  • Confused by numerous Mad Men / Chemical Brothers tweets, but looking forward to sorting it out when I watch the episode later this week. #
  • “Noises are important. Noises can tell you everything.” —Sherlock Holmes, season 2, episode 1. #
  • The Disquiet Junto just got its 800th track and 180th participant, all in 18 weeks: #
  • Today’s best sound gadget: turkey caller (wood, glass) in Berkeley hills. At least one wild turkey replied. #
  • Welcome! RT @shredderghost: 1st track made for @disquiet group, Upwelling [disquiet0018 3×3]. Slow ambient tidal force. #
  • Of generic cloud syncs only Dropbox plays music from browser. Microsoft/Google/SugarSync > download. Box costs to sync. Amazon doesn’t sync. #
  • Correction: Amazon’s cloud desktop app allows uploads, but doesn’t appear to do true sync. #
  • Of major generic syncing clouds, only Dropbox & Amazon play music from browser. Microsoft/Google/SugarSync -> download. Box costs to sync. #
  • RIP, classical violinist Zvi Zeitlin (b. 1922), modernist champion, Eastman Trio cofounder: #
  • So glad you had the time. RT @ethanhein: New @disquiet Junto entry: Thelonious Monk meets Pac-Man meets Led Zeppelin. #
  • Perfect opportunity to fiddle. RT @TheValiska: @disquiet Junto submission: trying to figure out Izotope’s Iris synth #
  • RIP, David Bowman (b. 1957), who wrote a lot for me in the mid-1990s:… #
  • Parenting question: Does a pocket calculator count as screen time? #
  • Associating a domain with Google Apps actually taking time to process. Not used to this. It’s like 1996, minus the fax sound. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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