Free Amon Tobin Tracks (MP3s)

Part of a Bleep EP in advance of Sónar 2012 – and more

There’s a free Amon Tobin track available for the next day (by “next day” is meant “until Thursday 14th June at 1500 GMT”). It’s part of a promotion for the 2012 Sónar Festival, which starts around the time that the free offer ends. The track, Tobin’s “Computer Game,” is one of four on the Bleep X Sónar 2012 Sampler EP set. You need to set up a account to access the download, but no financial transaction is required. The Tobin track is an amalgam of sorts — part high-grade digital percussive momentum, à la Tobin’s work on Splinter Cell games, and part retro 8-bit, with more than a whiff of the sort of gleeful vapor pixels that Daft Punk used to build its Tron score. The other three tracks are more of the dance-clubby variety. Additional details on the collection at More on Tobin at — where, currently, if you subscribe to the email announcement list, you will receive a free download of this track, a remix by Lorn Reel of “Night Swim”:

More on Sónar, which runs June 14 – 16, at

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