Filmless Film Music (MP3)

Tracking the path of "I'll Leave a Light On" by Slow Dancing Society

It’s difficult not to hear Slow Dancing Society‘s “I’ll Leave a Light On” as the score to an unseen film. It at once bears the hallmarks of something traditionally musical — guitar figures, a slowly progressing melodic bed — and yet employs those elements in a manner more driven by atmospheric intent than by anything approximating a song impulse. The guitar parts repeat until they take on rhythmic, percussive purpose, and that underlying bed becomes a wash of sound. As the track progresses, it doesn’t develop melodically as much as it transforms. The opening section becomes a swell that reveals a clanging, anxious, metallic climax, which then begins a slow, extended fade. The track is from the album Laterna Magica, due out August 15 from the Hidden Shoal record label.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Slow Dancing Society, aka Drew Sullivan, at

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