10 Seconds a Day for 6 Months (Again)

The sonic diary in miniature

Back in July of last year, a sonic diary by Harold Schellinx was featured here. The single track concatenated 10 seconds of audio recorded every day over the course of six months, for a total of over half an hour of incidental sound. He’s done it again, and again it is featured as part of the Radius broadcast and podcast. The effect is varied. One strong impression is simply that of sound as itself the subject — rather, for example, than the day’s events being recorded. Were one to take a photograph each day or to draw something each day, it is unlikely that the result would seem to take photography or drawing as its respective subject, yet here the concept of sound never seems to recede. There’s music, and discussion of music, and recorded noise, and someone mentioning David Bowie in passing. There are other things, too, notably someone having sexual intercourse — perhaps Schellinx, perhaps someone in a movie — and snatches of attended lectures and listening to (presumably) radio broadcasts. It’s a wash of noise, with Schellinx, clearly, as its best audience; one envies what it will sound like to him in the distant future.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/radius-14. More information at theradius.us.

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