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  • Six tracks so far of sonified @tpm polling data from the current presidential election: #
  • RIP, Mel Stuart (b. 1928), director of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." #
  • RIP Carl Davis (b.1934); his "Duke of Earl" was among the first songs to make me think "Someone's responsible for this beyond the musicians" #
  • The @djunto weekly creative-restraint music project treats U.S. presidential-election polling data as graphic notation: #
  • Bourne Legacy score sure made the drive to Sacramento this morning from San Francisco feel more dramatic than it might have. #
  • Headed to Sacramento tomorrow for the day. Anything I should check out, (sound) art-wise, while I'm there? #
  • Evening sounds: distant cars, nearby clothes dryer, microwave. #
  • Video of bee swarm in our backyard this afternoon: #
  • Massive bee swarm in backyard (I live in San Francisco's Outer Richmond District). Just thousands upon thousands. They've since moved west. #
  • The next Disquiet Junto project will focus on graphic scores and American politics. This should prove interesting. #
  • RIP, "pioneer in radar and radio telescopes" Bernard Lovell (b. 1913), in whose honor Dr. Bernard Quatermass was named: #
  • Sounds nearing midnight: refrigerator, occasional car. #
  • RIP, Hollywood composer Marvin Hamlisch (b. 1944), whose last score was half the fun of Steven Soderbergh's The Informant! #
  • 2 weeks from last night is the @djunto concert @thewalnutroom in Denver! More than a half dozen performances of work for expanded glass harp #
  • Next @djunto project (#32) will focus on American politics and involve the concept of the graphic score. #
  • Sign at Oakland Zoo. Thought it said "dancer" not "danger"; great IDM compilation album cover. #
  • Back at the Oakland Zoo. Elephant chimes. #
  • RIP, Jason Noble (Rachel's); here's something I wrote about them/him (and "indie classical") back in 1995: #
  • Really would love for there to be another Boxhead Ensemble album. #
  • Mystic fire alarm in the Presidio. #
  • Interior design with vinyl, from Man Ray / Lee Miller exhibit at Legion of Honor in SF. #
  • 10 tracks so far at exploring @yokoono's incendiary 1955 Fluxus piece #

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