Th Gltch f Jmmy Kppl (MP3)

An "Aged Green Junction" box of indeterminate echoes

Jimmy Kipple collects glitches at his, many of them chance instances of error, such as water-damaged pages scanned into Google Books, others of them “contrived.” That word, despite its often negative associations, is a matter of willful self-definition for Kipple, who embraces it and employs it as others might the term “composed.” While much of his Tumblr is largely visual, he is a frequent presence on, where his music — fractured to listen to and in the manner he presents it, framed with splintered phrases and erratic punctuation — stands out for its conceptual fortitude. A recent track, “Aged Green Junction,” appears to take its name from an electrical routing system left behind by time, and it revels in deep echoes of indeterminate origin and destination.

Track originally posted for free download at

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