Benjamin Dauer, SoundCloud Hero

A call for attention to White Nose Syndrome and Colony Collapse Disorder

The frequent Disquiet Junto participant (and Instagr/am/bient musician) Benjamin Dauer is among those selected by to exemplify the service’s strong points. That is, he is one of the SoundCloud Heroes. In a posting last week on the site, Dauer was interviewed by SoundCloud about his music, and he singled out a specific project he’s working on: documenting White Nose Syndrome and Colony Collapse Disorder, which he describes as “two diseases that are devastating bat and bee populations.” (This follows quickly on my own recent swarm incident.) He’s inviting SoundCloud members to post their own reflections on the environmental issues that involve pollinators. And in the process, he had some kind things to say about the Disquiet Junto.

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