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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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I made one edit of significance below. The Judge Dredd quote was “4,000 frames per second” not, as I’d initially tweeted, “4,000 frames per session.”

  • A favorite netlabel returns after two-year absence with music from a favorite musician: Kenneth Kirschner on SHSK’H. #
  • Dates for @djunto concerts added to “upcoming events” sidebar: Manhattan on Nov 27, San Francisco on Dec 6: #
  • It’s nice to be able to do simple math functions in the OS X Spotlight bar. #
  • Guy on cellphone in quiet café talking about “break support.” People look at him and each other and smile, like, “What are you thinking?” #
  • An answer about what @trent_reznor‘s “Yes.” tweet was about: New band, new EP, signed to Columbia. #
  • Production video from which previous tweet’s quote originated: #dredd #slomo #3d #
  • “None of us really understands what happens at 4,000 frames per second.” Very much looking forward to Dredd. #
  • Waiting for Tea Party to complain it isn’t video games but specifically co-op play that’s weakening America’s youth. #
  • Dumfounded when CCA dropped “craft” just as gen-Etsy was rising, and again that SF’s Museum of Craft & Folk must close: #
  • I hope this week’s @djunto project holds interest for folks. Employing “foley” techniques to create a “faux field recording” is enticing. #
  • RIP, Miss Monitor aka Tedi Thurman (b. 1923), at one time perhaps “the most recognizable female voice in the country”: #
  • This week in the @djunto we’re making a “fake field recording”: + #
  • bouncy house music #
  • Baby’s first mosh pit. Hope my recording of this bouncy house comes out OK. #
  • Nice. Free 9-track solo 9-finger piano Nils Frahm set: My interview with Frahm: #
  • My reward when I get all of this done is to (finally) read the (1979) novel on which the (1981) movie Diva was based. (Er, in translation.) #
  • This is the chart of the cornet’s development, which I mentioned last night @gaffta: #
  • Extended DVD cut of Looper hinges in part on rights to Chopin Étude: What year is it? Couldn’t a new recording be made? #
  • So, what’s going to be the “best” (for lack of a more useful term) T-Mobile Android phone in November, when my contract’s denouement begins? #
  • I dig my Touch & Macbook, but why my phone remains Android: widgets (notes, calendar, buttons); drag’n’drop; SD card; standard USB charging. #
  • 10am bells pierce the collective shroud of silence in the floor of the library dedicated to “quiet study.” #
  • The term “indie” is at best evidence of rock’n’roll recovering from its long held delusion of its inherent exceptionalism. #
  • Adding “ear training” alongside “audiophile” as a word ripe for — in need of — redefinition. #
  • The ungainly Taylorism of “I wanna rock’n’roll all night and party every day.” So sad to think that rock’n’roll cannot itself be a party. #
  • The 3D effect of new iPad maps tool makes my ‘hood look like it’s built of soggy paper mache. I mean, it’s humid here, but not that humid. #
  • The iPad 2 updated to iOS 6. Seems faster. Do Not Disturb is nice. Free is nice. Doesn’t feel like 200 updates. Absence of widgets is silly. #
  • The first @trent_reznor tweet in four months is simply “Yes.” Anyone know what it’s in reference to? I am hopeful for a new film score. in reply to trent_reznor #
  • Great @gaffta conversation this evening: musical interfaces, virtuosity, tradition, networked participation, live coding. #
  • Headed to @GAFFTA for panel on alternative musical interfaces. I’m moderating, but given the panelists I’ll mostly be quiet and just marvel. #
  • Today’s “sound” class: Whitney Houston instrumental, Cage on Van der Rohe, Eno on perfume, ancient Greeks on how recording diminishes memory #
  • Key among San Francisco’s benefits: living in same city where The Conversation takes place when I’m assigning it for my class on “sound.” #
  • Maybe iOS 6 will be the first OS I do not early-adopt. #
  • Dug the Last Resort pilot OK, in part because it resuscitates the Unit part of Shawn Ryan’s work, but sure didn’t sound submerged/sub-like #
  • Short interview I did with Nils Frahm regarding his busted thumb, current tour, & lightly prepared piano: #
  • Guitar looks like Tom Petty’s, sounds like Brian Eno: acoustic 12-string cover of “An Ending (Ascent)”: #
  • Evening music: lovely little OP-1-recorded bit of phases, beeps, and attenuated drones by @jbutlerjbutler: #
  • Class I’m teaching tomorrow at Academy of Art is A Brief History of Sound: celebrity death, oral culture, anatomy, perception, synaesthesia. #
  • “Those places don’t exist except in the imaginations of those who sit in the editing suite.” #
  • Re-familiarizing myself with the Soundtracker doc about Gordon Hempton in advance of tomorrow’s sound class. #
  • One of those weeks when PDF-reading management on the iPad is hurting my brain. #
  • The 38th weekly @djunto will be an inverse take on the 37th. Details as Thursday approaches. Cc @notrobwalker @apexart #
  • Morning sounds: garbage truck, students chattering as they walk by house, yappy dogs, buzz of overhead plane, low-level electric whine. #
  • “First, the key goes in real quiet.” Watching The Conversation for the umpteenth time. Watching is the wrong word. Observing? Surveilling? #
  • From an Apple store to Akihabara to Macy’s: 24 (and counting) audio recordings of commercial space: #
  • Have any of the USA network’s past few years of summer-season shows had a crossover? #
  • Deee-Lite/Thomas Dolby hits reworked in pair of commercials during one break. My memories, another’s jingle. May the circle be unbroken. #
  • So many pumpkins in the back of the car it looks like a Peanuts version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. #
  • “It’s easy to forget how pervasive music is in retail until you go looking for place it’s not”: @notrobwalker on the current @djunto project #
  • Looking forward to moderating this discussion @gaffta on Wed evening, Sep 19, on “alternative musical interfaces”: #
  • Ghost bus. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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