Scanner 2/4: Joy Re-division

2nd of 4 free Scanner tracks in a row: Joy Division reworked

It’s an orchestration minus the orchestra. It’s an imagined myriad-instrumental version of a proto-electronic song rendered here as an electronic protype. It’s early post-punk re-imagined in light of post-rock’s affection for classical music. What it is is Scanner’s version of the band Joy Division’s song “Heart and Soul,” heard as a lightly glitchy expanse, with a gurgling undercurrent. Scanner, aka Robin Rimbaud, explains in a brief liner note that it’s an unreleased demo for the Live_Transmission project with Heritage Orchestra: “This is my early studio demo that was then arranged for the orchestra and live band to be performed on stage at the Brighton Festival in May 2012.”

Track originally posted for free download at More on Scanner at More on Heritage Orchestra at

And, for reference, the original song, from the album Closer (1980):

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