Taking Shelter (MP3)

Ghostly, in two ways, track from forthcoming Loyal album

As a promotion for the forthcoming album Heathered Pearls from Loyal, the label Ghostly has made available for free download a track, “Beach Shelter,” that makes so much of so little it seems to recoil at being branded either minimalist or maximalist. It’s a threadbare loop that slightly overlays itself, turning the seam into a momentary braid of wispy figments. It has the sloopy motion of a moored raft in a light current. It’s minimalist in its materials and rhythmic rectitude, maximalist in its rich sonic spaciousness, and yet something else entirely in the way it makes epic gestures in tiny motions. Just beautiful.

Heathered Pearls is Jakub Alexander. Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/ghostly and ghostly.com. More on Heathered Pearls at heatheredpearls.tumblr.com, soundcloud.com/heathered-pearls, and twitter.com/heatheredpearls, among other places.

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