Holiday Drones (MP3)

That is, of the sonic variety

The manner in which sonic shimmer can serve as end-of-year holiday music is summed up each such season by “Unsilent Night,” the communal boombox project by composer Phil Kline. The musician who goes by Le Berger, aka Samuel Landry, has himself embraced this aesthetic approach each of the past few years with what appears to be an ongoing accumulation of seasonal drones. The latest is “War Encore,” available for free download. Forgive these ears for thinking the pulsing arpegions that appear toward the end, emerging from the thick fog of tone, could be mistaken for a curt loop of “Carol of the Bells”:

Track originally posted for free download at The compilation of previous tracks in the series is at More from Le Berger, who’s based in Montréal, Canada,

One thought on “Holiday Drones (MP3)

  1. Thanks for the mention Marc, much appreciated.

    For the completsists and/or curious, the arpeggio in the end is actually a delayed loop excerpted from J. S. Bach Piano Concerto in D-Minor BVW 1052

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