Another Near-Silent Night

A rendition by Todd Elliott of San Jose, California


The track’s title is “Is Born.” Clearly, even before listening, this is a truncation (a reverse-truncation?) of a familiar phrase sung this time of year. The song is “Silent Night” made even more silent. The lyrics are muffled, the melody all the more so, until it’s less a song than a memory of a song, thin layers of synthesized tone occasionally letting their source material edge toward recognizability.

The version is by Todd Elliott, who records as Toaster. The brief liner note accompanying the song says, “I did this for a compilation that I didn’t make it on. I am too dissonant for ambient Christmas.” It may not have made its intended destination, but it’s sure to find an audience.

Track originally posted for free download at More on Toaster/Elliott at and Two other “Silent Night” renditions, one by Scanner and the other by Robert Fripp, were mentioned here yesterday.

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