Guitar Ephemera

A bit of six-string attenuation from Machinefabriek


Over at his account, Machinefabriek has posted a free download of a bit of guitar-based ephemera — if something nearly 13 minutes long can be considered ephemera. Titled “Sluimer,” it was released a few years back as a 3″ CD. At the time of its release, Machinefabriek mentioned the track in the forum as follows: “This 3 track mini cd has probably the most minimal music I`ve made, using (prepared) acoustic and electric guitar, and a laptop for editing.” Minimal it is, indeed — quite likely it could be listened to and only one guitar would be recognized, and the laptop editing not even considered as a component. It’s an elegant piece, steady in its unfolding, each note passing in a manner both passive and mechanical.

Track posted for free download at One warning: it’s a massive WAV file, weighing in at about 128 megabytes.

More from Machinefabriek, aka Rutger Zuydervelt of Rotterdam, Netherlands, at

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