With a Blip

This is how the year ends.


The year ends with not a bang or a whimper, but a blip. There are four blips, in fact: two pairs of the same tone, two low, two high, and they alternate to suggest a seesaw effect. There’s a gap between the pairs and this lends the decidedly electronic affair something that nonetheless might be suggestive of swing. The blips are at relative ease, their pacing slow, even if the overall recording is just 15 seconds in length. They’re best experienced as a loop, which adds a third beep: the seam that marks the slight incongruity between repetitions. And then there’s the light noise of foundation that permeates the space in which their transit takes place, sound that seems to be as if the blips themselves are heard coming into view and just as efficiently exiting it, the sonic equivalent of headlights and vapor trails. The recording is the latest in the innovative GIFBites series, in which each recorded MP3 is intended as the score to a pre-existing GIF image, in this case the nostalgic Pong image shown above.

Track originally posted at for free download at soundcloud.com/gifbites. There’s a bit more about the project at its homepage, gifbites.com.

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