DJ Shadow Posts Sample Live Set

The Miami fallout moves from words to audio

Since the DJ Shadow brouhaha earlier this month (see: “DJ Shadow cuts short Miami club set”), when the beat innovator refused to alter his set at the request of a club promoter, one with good reason may have been wondering what, exactly, Shadow even sounds like these days. It’s been a long 16 years since his Endtroducing….. album put him on the map, with its abstract yet populist approach to rhythm and sampling. After the recent Miami situation, words were traded in the press, with Shadow (aka Joshua Davis) seeming more pleased at the attention than perturbed, and the club eventually apologizing. Shadow has gone a step further now, and posted on his SoundCloud account a 45-minute set from July. Abstract, it isn’t, but as a beat-heavy and slick, seamless survey of several crates worth of varied source material, it’s certain fun — and more than anything, it makes the club look really, really silly:

Oh, and if you’re wondering what exactly made the club promoter anxious, it was reportedly “Spit Thunder” by Netherlands-based Krampfhaft:

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