New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • If you've got a Bandcamp "fan" (perhaps an unfortunate term) page, lemme know. I'm at /disquiet. Thanks. ->
  • This week @djunto is composing musical scores for news articles. The first is for a @newscientist piece on earthworms: ->
  • Uncomfortably fixated on the idea that Agent Coulson becomes Deathlok. ->
  • It's pretty nifty that iDisplay works over USB. Now, can someone make them a less silly icon? Thanks. ->
  • An hour-plus later realizes that he had "Ventolin (Salbutamol Mix)" on repeat. ->
  • Found out about Aaron Swartz's suicide via RSS. Sadly fitting, fittingly sad. ->
  • A score for @lessig's obituary for @aaronsw. Text here: Music here: Part of the 54th @djunto. ->
  • At end of this long post is list of key apps I use on my Android phone, mostly widgets. If you have faves lemme know: ->
  • Late evening sounds: two laptop keyboard being typed on intermittently, low level electric hum, occasional passing bus. ->
  • RIP, Claude-Anne Lopez (b. 1920), unintentional Benjamin Franklin scholar: Cc @djunto ->
  • "The article uses close to 700 words to say very little. How would I make a soundtrack?" Writing a score for the news: ->
  • I was invited to participate in @SoundCloud Heroes. As part of it, here's audio of me yapping about what I'm up to: ->
  • Tuesday noon siren just as I was about to hit play on a BBC recording of a John Zorn concert. ->
  • PS: Here's that BBC recording of the Zorn-at-60 concert: ->
  • Favorite thing about @piesaac's art-gallery text adventure is additional ".z" tacked onto the URL every time I "wait": ->
  • RIP, Japanese filmmaker Nagisa Oshima (b. 1932) . MT @yukiyamasaki: Listening to Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence ( ) ->
  • Print mag's out now, so here's a re-link to an article I wrote for my alumni mag about book about Cohen's "Hallelujah": ->
  • Major helicopter action in the Richmond District. ->
  • The more paperless my office gets, the more screenerfull it gets. ->
  • Morning video: live concert in Italy of John Cage's Variations VI, with birdsong, Cage's voice, and a colorful modular: ->
  • A Kickstarter for bicycle horn/light with extra attention to sound (an "undiscovered country," per the designer): ->
  • Tomorrow's @djunto project has gone to the translators. It's a manufactured piano duet. ->
  • Who song in trailer for espionage show The Americans. This + CSI shows + recent Person of Interest: the Who = sonic TV shorthand for mystery ->
  • Kode9, dishwashers, Shanghai: yapping it up in comments under the autobiographical recording I posted yesterday: ->
  • This signage makes me feel like 20th Century Boys is happening in my neighborhood: ->
  • More shortly, but some initial notes on something the @djunto will be assisting @bldgblog on: Sonifying liquefaction. ->
  • Disappointed that Alphas hasn't been renewed by Syfy. Enjoyed interviewing the show runner for Nature last year. ->
  • I'd love to see the demographic breakdown of who purchases Lode Runner during the next 24 hours: ->
  • Yo, OS X pros: Any way to use a key command to click/trigger an item in the menu bar? ->
  • Yo, @io9: Poet @christianbok made a micro-organism write poetry: (Earlier created languages for Earth: Final Conflict.) ->
  • Paraphrasing Woody Allen in Stardust Memories I check out new Timbaland/Pharrell productions hoping for hint of their earlier, funkier work. ->
  • More details from @SoundCloud on that Heroes program I was invited to participate in: ->
  • "an orchestra being held hostage in an underground bunker with thinning oxygen"? Sign me up: #asaprocky #clamscasino ->
  • The 55th weekly Disquiet Junto project goes live shortly. We'll be reworking @nilsfrahm, with specific restraints. ->
  • AirDisplay for 2nd screen is nifty but iDisplay's ability to use USB (Android only) is super-nifty, especially when using public network. ->
  • For the 55th @djunto project, we're reworking piano tracks by @nilsfrahm. Details at + ->
  • The 55th @djunto is available English as well as Afrikaans, Croatian, German, and Turkish, with probably one more language to be added. ->
  • "Signal." Detail of manhole cover. The fallen leaves must be the "noise." ->
  • Syfy : science fiction :: MTV : music ->
  • RIP, Nic Potter (b. 1951), bassist of Van der Graaf Generator. ->
  • Can Raspberry Pi + external CD = quiet, compact media-ripping station? Can it do so with relative ease? ->
  • Yo, @djunto folks, @otolythe over at @hilobrow did up the year-end audio journals: ->
  • Already 6 reworkings of solo piano by @nilsfrahm combing 2 tracks into 1: Set includes source audio. ->
  • Japanese translation of instructions has been added to this week's @djunto project: ->
  • That isn't the cafe's subwoofer. That's a little kid pounding a heel against the bench every time the bass note kicks in. ->
  • Dead MacBook Power Adapter Society ->
  • In one day: phone loses data connection repeatedly, laptop cord dies, home wifi goes out for hours. Oh, and dead bulb in desk lamp. #oy ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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