A Recently Ticking Clock

A Junto participant's prior execution of a similar endeavor

Sometimes the Disquiet Junto projects are very new to the participants, and sometimes they’re quite familiar. Just last night the 56th of these weekly endeavors in the realm of creative restraint began, and it took as its subject the sound of a ticking clock, which was intended to be sampled by each participant and spun into something new. As it turns out, at least one Junto regular, Schemawound, had already done such a thing. On his 2010 album Hospital Songs, the track “Datapump” clearly employs the ticking of a clock. One of the interesting things about the use of a second hand as a rhythm is the extent to which the space between the ticks is heard. Here, the level of detail in the tick barely seems to leave space before the next one kicks in. Layered on is a haunting drone that sways back and forth with a woozy malevolence.


Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/schemawound. The full album is available at itunes.apple.com and (name your price, including free) at music.schemawound.com. More from Schemawound, aka Jonathan Siemasko of Naugatuck, Connecticut, at schemawound.com and twitter.com/Schemawound.

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