Beats with the Councilman

Diego Bernal and Ernest Gonzales: free, limited download

There’s a good joke somewhere in this, all about politics being bad for music. But the basic facts of it are that Diego Bernal initiated an extended break from his exemplary beatcraft when he ran for and then won the City Council seat for San Antonio District 1. Every once in awhile, an email announcement pops up with Bernal’s name on it, but it’s always a politics-related project, some election information or the announcement of one of his regular “Coffee with the Councilman” opportunities to get to spend time with his constituents.

So, it was all the more spectacular when the most recent such email, originating from his longtime musical colleague Ernest Gonzales (aka Mexicans with Guns), turned out to be a double pleasure. First, there’s the track itself: yes, the email announced not a new city development project but a tasty bit of music, titled “Somber Arrows.” It’s a deeply downtempo slurring of lounge-ready motifs straight out of an Ennio Morricone after-hours outtakes film festival. Second, there’s the news that “Somber Arrows” is a teaser of a full, proper EP that’s forthcoming.

But get it fast, because according to Gonzales’ email, it’s limited to 100 free downloads.

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