Remains of the Data (MP3)

A track of leftovers by Minneapolis' Mike 88

When in doubt, simply take stock of available resources. That, in essence, was the modus operandi that Mike 88 undertook when compiling “Leftovers,” a moody, downtempo set of plumbing clanks, ambiguous voices, and a drone-like melodic element. He describes the material as “all from random leftover samples from the recent tracks,” those being other pieces posted to his account. This means the piece works both as its own standalone listening experience, and as an anecdotal complement to other Mike 88 tracks of late. The sharing of raw and willfully undercooked materials on SoundCloud remains one of its distinctions, evidence of the in-progress intimacy that sets the communal tone for communication between musicians and their listeners.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Mike 88, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, at

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