Ecstatic Glaswegian Industrial Drone (MP3)

40 minutes of absolutely intense white noise

The sheer interminable white noise drone that is “A Soul with No Footprint” sounds like a massive factory at work, a factory in which the work is that of several hundred machines, each machine shaving some hard metal down to a fine point, sparks flying in controlled abandon, a grid of these spark clusters separated in rows and columns along the shop floor, all of it heard from above by a maintenance engineer caught up in the beauty of the chaos while navigating a catwalk to change out a rouge bulb. The track is one of two off a recent EP of the same name by Elizabeth Veldon, who’s based in Glasgow, Scotland. The full EP is available at “name your price” over at, the second piece, “Folk Music as a Parasitic Infection,” exploring similarly ecstatic territory.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Veldon at

One thought on “Ecstatic Glaswegian Industrial Drone (MP3)

  1. I’ve download nearly everything she as at Bandcamp. I’d also especially recomment “Maps” []. A lot of the releases are a little too noisy for my tastes, but there are some real ambient-drone jewels throughout.

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