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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • This is when I remember that the gen 1 Kindle Fire lacked Bluetooth so while putting Android 4.2.2 was neat it can't connect with a keyboard ->
  • RIP, Yes guitarist Peter Banks (b. 1947). His work on Beatles cover "Every Little Thing" was an early fave of mine ->
  • This week's @djunto project will involve Gregorian chant and the sounds inherent in architectural spaces. ->
  • Tuesday noon siren heard against loud street repaving. Municipal anxiety meets municipal mundanity: ->
  • My whole house is reverberating like the inside of a harpsichord as outside massive machines pave our street. ->
  • The foghorns are randy tonight. ->
  • "It was also the first time that 'Misery' was added to a set that did not include a full performance of The Black Album." #metallicadata ->
  • Today in sound class: the retail space as aural space: Ray Oldenburg, commodifying/porting the third place, playlists versus jingles. ->
  • There are plenty of alternatives but I am sad about the end of Google Reader. Anticipating phantom pain. ->
  • What's the of Reader? ->
  • So far in my post”“Google Reader search, @feedly looks nifty, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to sort feeds alphabetically. ->
  • "The thought of refurbished earbuds may be a little off-putting." Sentence of the day, from @cheapskateblog: ->
  • Morning stream: James Blake working with Brian Eno on the downtempo, maudlin "Digital Lion": ->
  • So @feedly allows for alphabetical order of feed groupings. You need to do it manually in Organize. In the lead for my post-Reader life. ->
  • Ooh, better yet, you can just move the folders up and down in the left bar in @feedly. This is in the browser service, not the mobile app. ->
  • Yeah, I have [email protected]'d the options, too. MT @lownote: @disquiet Taking @feedly for a run. Turned off most of fancy bells/whistles. ->
  • Been watching Dollhouse. At first it seemed egregiously Skinemaxy, but man does it kick in. Whedon had a serious long view on that series. ->
  • I guest blogged on @SoundCloud about the ongoing audiobio(graphy) project: I highly encourage people to record one. ->
  • The 63rd @djunto project will involve Gregorian Chant. It goes live in a few hours. #whitesmoke #echo #architecture ->
  • This is my occasional "Is anyone I correspond with here also on" mention. I'm @disquiet over there, too. ->
  • Google: keep Google Reader running. Sign the petition here: via @change ->
  • Veronica Mars strikes me as a Google Reader user. Just sayin'. ->
  • This is me being anxious that short-sighted product managers will see Reader's demise as a cue to ankle RSS: ->
  • 63rd @djunto project involves rerecording Gregorian chant to explore echo and architecture: + ->
  • #gregorianorianian #echo #reverb #looping #reflection #architecture #djunto ->
  • Adding echo-related effects to echo-laden Gregorian chant: The first in this week's @djunto is by Rizzi (Denmark). ->
  • Thing I'd like to turn off in @feedly app is the "cover" treatment in a feed's list view. False prominence, even when pretty, isn't good UX. ->
  • If you have access to the British Google Play store, could you shoot me an email at [email protected]? I'd like to check something. Thanks. ->
  • Silly fun monitor test: Macbook Air running external 23", 7" tablet + 4.7" phone (Android) via iDisplay, iPad via AirDisplay. Back to work. ->
  • The folks who bought @delicious should buy @googlereader and amp up the whole social bookmarking thing. ->
  • "Twitter/ADN replaces RSS" is the new "Facebook killed email." And, no, I don't believe either. ->
  • That thing where you take a screenshot of your phone, then touch the screenshot and don't understand why the controls aren't responding. ->
  • Your diet's rich in science fiction if you come upon the term "post-colonial" and start thinking about Kim Stanley Robinson and Ray Bradbury ->
  • Yo all you "Twitter beats RSS" people: tell me how to use Twitter (w/o RSS) to search for the word "sound" in full posts from 100 art blogs. ->
  • Judging by the exuberant screaming in the neighborhood, I assume spring break just began. ->
  • This nine-stage reduction of Gregorian chant to mere overtones is stunning in its elegance: ->
  • This track was an inspiration for the 63rd @djunto. RT @inky: "Jo Burzynska plays a space back into itself" ->
  • Say what you will about Microsoft Silverlight — it can go full screen in OS X without turning the other screens blank, unlike native apps. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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