Outer Space Wake-Up Call (MP3)

An hour-long "ambient piano suite" by Jared Brickman


Asked in a SoundCloud.com interview, “What is your favorite sound and why?” the musician Jared Brickman responded, “The bottom octaves of a piano. You can make the entire harp shimmer by suppressing the sustain pedal and playing a few choice chords. There’s no sound like it.” That low-level sound serves as the foundation for the slow-motion stimulation engine that is his hour-long piece of what he has described as an “ambient piano suite,” one with the appropriately extended title of “Every Day We’re Dying and Outer Space Does Not Give One Single Fuck.” Despite the non-safe-for-work final syllable of the piece’s title, the music is more existential than nihilistic, as one of his self-selected tags makes clear, over at soundcloud.com/one_hello_world, where it was posted for free download in the past few days. It is a lulling, introspective work, the scintillate patterning of the loose-jointed piano bringing to mind La Monte Young’s compositions, a matter reinforced by the trademark purple that highlights the standalone website Brickman made for the piece, over at everydaywearedyingandouterspacedoesnotgiveonesinglefuck.com.

Brickman is best known for his One Hello World project, which involves people leaving him a voicemail, at (316) 247-0421, for which he then writes a soundtrack. More from Brickman at onehelloworld.com and twitter.com/OneHelloWorld. The interview with Brickman is at blog.soundcloud.com.

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