Junto x Brickman, Together Again

The 55 parts of the 65th Disquiet Junto, pieced back into a whole

The project that is currently underway, the project that ends this evening, is the 66th in the Disquiet Junto, a series of weekly communal music projects that explore restraint as an engine for creativity and productivity. It’s a tribute to, to my knowledge, the first regular Junto participant, Jeffrey Melton (aka Nofi), to pass since the group was formed back in the first week of January 2012. The project from the week prior, the 65th, was a less bittersweet, if no less reflective, communal activity. For the 65th project, we broke a single, hour-long composition of “ambient piano” by Jared Brickman into pieces, and then randomly assigned each piece to a different participant, ending up with 55 different parts. After the project was complete, Brickman generously offered to then stitch those 55 parts back into one long piece, which can be heard here:


Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/jaredbrickman. More on the original project at disquiet.com

The browser-based tool that segmented the Brickman track for this project was coded by Disquiet Junto member Ken Mistove, more from whom at kenzak.com. More on Brickman’s source audio at soundcloud.com/one_hello_world.

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