The Ambient Hip-Hop Trade (MP3)

A new track by Patrick Ellis

Another lovely beat-and-haze piece by Patrick Ellis. Like the one written up here earlier this month, “Sheffield Park”bears the “ambient hip-hop”tag. It’s more hip-hop than ambient this time around, flipping the emphasis from the earlier track, what with its more prominent beat, and more varied sectioning (despite being shy of a mere four minutes, it could qualify as a mini-suite). There are distant church bells, and a swaggering rhythm, and a lush hovering spaciousness, as well as, toward the end, what appears to be a quote from the book The Unicorn Trade by science fiction legend Poul Anderson and his wife Karen Anderson: “They talked quietly, until at last Gus reminded them that even here they were not masters of time. Eternity, yes, but not time,”the last word echoing and fading into the instrumental foundation.

Track originally posted for free download at Ellis is based in Seattle, Washington.

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