“Project for an Apartment Building”

A multi-track ambient expanse from Pan-American

Out late last month from Pan”¢American was the album Cloud Room, Glass Room on the label Kranky. As a promotion, Kranky has posted one track, “Project for an Apartment Building,” for free download (MP3). Ostensibly it is a single download, but the piece of music is so dense with activity that it could count as multiple simultaneous listens. There is the undulating bass line, which in the context of instrumental electronic music has enough buoyancy and hazy aura to count as a composition unto itself. There is a sing-song lull that comes and goes. There is a rough field recording, or something akin to one, that sounds like the scrapings of someone undertaking a hesitant journey. There is rattly percussion, and a sonar pulse, and so much more — so much, in fact, it is remarkable just how circular, if not static, the track ends up presenting it self as. (For those who don’t read this site often, “static”is a compliment.) That percussive element is likely due to the presence of Steven Hess, who is now a full member of Pan”¢American, along with founder Mark Nelson. Also, Bobby Donne (who, like Nelson, is a former member of Labradford), guests on some tracks.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/kranky. On the record, “Project for an Apartment Building” is the album’s sixth of seven tracks. More on Cloud Room, Glass Room at brainwashed.com

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