16°30’37″N, 88°22’1″W (MP3)

Belize field recording by Tony Myatt


The 95th Touch Radio entry is by Tony Myatt, and it is another in the series’ enticingly detailed field recordings. This one was made in Placenia Bay, in Belize. The entries in the Touch series tend to fall into one of two camps: pure field recording and sound in which field recordings serve as source material (though there are, increasingly, also documents of humans that we call live concert recordings). Myatt’s presents itself as a subset of the pure field recording approach, in that it appears not to be a single event but a sequence of sonic shapshots collected into one MP3.

[audio:http://www.touchshop.org/touchradio/Radio95.mp3|titles=”Placnia Bay”|artists=Tony Myatt]

Writes Myatt at the opening of his journal of the recording event:

After a long day of finicky experimentation in the sun, I returned to the bay to wash salt water from the equipment and to hose down. From 16°30’37″N, 88°22’1″W I looked out on a tranquil evening scene and decided to attempt one last recording.

I had recorded throughout the day in shallow coral seas off the coast of Belize. I’d attempted to capture a spatial impression of the clouds of clicks and pops produced by crustacea and who-knows-what; a sound present at almost every ocean location on Earth.

Track originally posted for free download at touchradio.org.uk.

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