Rhythm by Accrual (MP3)

A five-minute beat suite by San Francisco's Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim’s track “Descripted” is listed by the San Francisco musician as work toward upcoming projects, both for release and for live performance. What it is is rhythm by accrual, slowly iterating patterns that develop as elements shift in and out. At any moment there is a rhythm, even for an extended moment, but in fact the overall piece, despite a relatively concise five-minute playing time, is closer to a suite in its construction, more a collection of sub-rhythms. The track’s sole associated tag, “un done concrete,” suggests that the beats are the extreme reductions of real-world sound, but whatever their provenance, each sample has been reduced to a hard strike, with little opportunity for a lingering fade.


Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/micahaudiovideo. More from Jungle Jim at soundandvisionart.tumblr.com.

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