A 22-Minute Wave (MP3)

Peaceful and annoying, sinuous and pulsating

Many works of exploratory sound and music are recipes for what the works contain, from the names of modular patches to Fluxus-like instructions. In the case of Roman Strange’s “pure 528 hz for 22 minutes. for love and dna repair.” the track is exactly what it suggests itself to be. After 30 second of slow build, and before a 30-second fade, this is 528 hz for 22 straight minutes. It is peaceful and annoying, sinuous and pulsating, languorous and full of inward momentum. Adds Stange in a brief liner note: “there are no hippy drums or new age stuff.”


Originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/romanstange. Stange is based in San Francisco, California.

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