Squeak and Whorl

A low-bit rumble by Jjoth


With a rhythm like a squeegee at its first rave, a foundation drone like the HVAC has been occupied by a poltergeist, and such an extended playing time that the repetition veers toward the hallucinogenic, the single-track Sprites. 1 release by Jjoth is an exercise in low-bit rumble. A desiccated maelstrom, it trudges thoughtfully through nearly eight minutes of squeak and whorl. If there were a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern video game, this would be its score (MP3).

[audio:https://archive.org/download/8r085/jjoth%20-%20sprites.%201.mp3|titles=”Sprites. 1″|artists=Jjoth]

Track available for free download at archive.org as part of the 8ravens.blogspot.com netlabel.

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