An Ease with Ease (MP3)

A sketch from Taylor Deupree

Some people’s sketches are other people’s finished listening. Taylor Deupree has such an ease with ease, such a way with sounds that depict casual environments and yet exude a depth of concern for pacing, sonic design, composition — so many elements that collectively the list might suggest fastidiousness, but in fact the work never appears overcooked, overstuffed, showy. The nylon guitar that rings concentrated note patterns through this sketch, “taylor deupree / july 03, 2013 / sketch,”recorded and posted today on his SoundCloud account, makes its steady paces through a rich atmosphere of tonal effluvia. On occasion one hears the notes themselves echoed and fragmented, tiny shards joining the mosaic of the background ambience.

The accompanying note is brief:

“starting to come up with ideas for a new release. just the early seeds, sketches… the nylon string guitar is still warm from the seaworthy/deupree collaboration (waldorf microwave, poly evolver, nylon string guitar, tc m2000)”

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