The satellite linkblog about sound in the media landscape

Been getting my account going again. It’s the linkblog I produce to correlate with the course on sound in the media landscape that I teach at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Broadly speaking it’s about the sounds of brands and the brands of sounds. It’s about audio and commerce.

Recent posts include:

â—¼ a new company founded by Emma Clarke, the former voice of the London Underground;

â—¼ a pair of sound-related promotions that are part of Coke’s “Ahh Effect”campaign (mentioned here earlier this week);

â—¼ a report on the persistence of radio (some 93 percent of adult Americans reportedly listen to radio every week);

â—¼ a generative sound promotion by AIAIAI headphones (developed with Yuri Suzuki; see video above);

â—¼ “a special window for public transportation that uses a transmitter to silently release high-frequency oscillations that your brain will convert into sound” (see video below);

â—¼ and Jay-Z’s data-mining app.

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