A Softspot for Transitions (MP3)

A track of rapidfire slomo minimal techno from Maine

An extended drone opening gives way to loungey, way downtempo beat. It swells and lulls, each segment an act of quietly desperate minimal techno, but shuffling by at a rate that keeps the ear alert throughout. As the two-minute point nears, there’s a snippet of a comedy bit that provides the otherwise instrumental work with its title. It’s “softspot”by letterfounder. The comedian is Doug Stanhope, who’s identified in a brief liner note, which states: “samples doug stanhope, adolf noise, scuba gear, a heating vent, a jet engine (and spray paint cans via 2nerd at @2nerd).”


Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/letterfounder. More from letterfounder, who’s based in Maine, at letterfounder.bandcamp.com.

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