Flute Loops (MP3)

By Margaret "Margot" Collins from Toronto, Canada

Like yesterday’s track, today’s is a sketch, and it involves looping, and the source instrument is one from a pre-electronic era. Yesterday that instrument was a guitar. Today it’s a flute. The track is a one-minute experiment by Margaret “Margot” Collins, who posts as Margonaut at SoundCloud.com. The piece layers a variety of flute material — lush sound beds, pizzicato piping, melodic and rhythmic fragments — into a gently pulsing lull. What pulls it all together is that the ever intensifying incremental developments build both a sense of density and a sense of stasis — it’s as if as the track increases one sort of momentum, it actively loses another.


Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/margonaut. More from Collins at alwaysadapting.com

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