Guitar Loop (MP3)

From San Jose's Toaster

The artist known as Toaster has uploaded a lovely swath of guitar-looping ambience whose title, “Unreasonable Sketch,” suggests the presence of a tension that the track pleasantly refuses to oblige. The foundation of it is a deep, undulating lull of hazy layering. What makes it a sketch is hinted at as it proceeds, as the sinuous audio gives way to a melodic strain — not the light strumming that came early on, but a more pointed, singular sound, less like a guitar, and more like a single finger on an old keyboard synthesizer making a hesitant push toward a proper lead line. It comes on so slowly, so absent of eagerness, that the ear might not even notice it until the element is fairly far along. The track inevitably fades out, which is the nature of instrumental sketches. It will be interesting to hear where Toaster takes this.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Toaster, aka Todd Elliott of San Jose, California, at and

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