Happenstance Ambience (MP3)

Part Buenos Aires document, part sonic figment


There are many things that might keep a freely downloadable piece of music from getting on radar. The hosting site may lack an RSS feed, which means the music doesn’t come to you: You need to remember to go to it. When there are 500-plus netlabels out there, not to mention countless MP3 sites and SoundCloud-hosted accounts, that is a tall order. The hosting site may, as well, post the music as, say, a FLAC file — a lossless format that is great for audio quality, less so for making it easily streamable.

Both of these matters are the case with the excellent Impulsive Habitat netlabel. The label’s most recent release is Corredor norte by Pablo Reche. A mix of rumbling drones and occasional bits of everyday happenstance, like moments of creek ambience, the single-track release is nearly 20 minutes of distant background listening. The source audio was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, along the Tigre River, but the transformed sound is not intended as documentation so much as figment: “it is not the idea to represent the original sound or landscape of the place,” writes the Reche in a brief liner note.

Track/album originally posted for free download at impulsivehabitat.com.

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