Sonic “Sourcery”

Or audio alchemy

The brief liner note reads like a recipe, or at least a shopping list of ingredients. There are six parts, each a standalone, identifiable element. The result is single minute of concatenated sound, from plucked drone through sonar ping through metallic rattle, and on into aural fragments both more and less soothing. It is exactly a minute in length and, as the title suggests, it is a piece in which mercurial action is brought about on source materials.

This is the track:

These are its contents:

  1. guitar harmonics sans attacks

  2. prepared banjo

  3. electrons+zither

  4. new age drone

  5. prepared resonator guitar

  6. bowed bamboo monochord

Track originaly posted for free download at It is by Layne Garrett, more from whom at

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