Aphex Twin @ 33 1/3 (4/5): Aphex Twin Before + After SAW2 (1/2)

The fourth of five posts for the 33 1/3 website

The publisher of my Aphex Twin book, 33 1/3, an imprint of Bloomsbury, has invited me to write blog posts this week to note the book’s official publication on Thursday, February 13. The fourth of these five posts is up today: “Video Vault Part I: Aphex Twin Before + After SAW2.”

This is the opening of the piece, a little less than half post’s total length:

Selected Ambient Works Volume II”˜s release on the label Warp in 1994 was framed by the pair of singles that directly preceded and succeeded it, both of which were EPs that had accompanying videos. The two EPs are intense in their own ways, and work to further emphasize the unusually vaporous qualities of the album.

Just before the record came “On,”a frenetic track whose surreal video — stop motion by the sea shore — was directed by Jarvis Cocker, best known as a member of the band Pulp. A native of Sheffield, England, like the founders of Warp, Cocker had, along with his directing partner Martin Wallace, previously made videos for such Warp-label roster members as Nightmares on Wax and Sweet Exorcist.

Read the piece in full, and see the corresponding video, at 333sound.com.

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