Sludge Arcade Techno

A remix by Glia

Glia’s “[[ LOW ]” is expert sludge techno, the beat the sound of gears dripping with dirty axle grease, trying to make traction but slipping often enough to make the whole thing sound temporary, fragile. The track doesn’t linger in the dark, either. The playful addition of some arcade-quality sounds, as much pinball as Galaga, lightens its touch as it proceeds.

The track’s liner note explains it’s a remix. Here, for reference, is the source track, “Low” (no framing brackets), by Broshuda, whose SoundCloud account lists him as living in “Dorkville, Germany.” It has a darker aura, both more rumininative and, yet, more clubby. Perhaps “ruminative” and “clubby” aren’t as inherently opposed as I imagine they are:

Glia’s track originally posted for free download at

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