Two Disquiet Nights in Portland: May 7 + 8

Wednesday Disquiet Junto show + Thursday Aphex Twin reading/concert


I’m excited to travel to one of my favorite cities later this week. I get in on May 7, Wednesday, in time for a Disquiet Junto concert we’re having at Townshend’s Tea (2223 NE Alberta St), and then on Thursday I’ll be reading from my recent 33 1/3 book on Aphex Twin’s album Selected Ambient Works Volume II at Powell’s on Hawthorne (3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd). As at the City Lights reading I did back on March 20, local musicians will be joining me at Powell’s on Hawthorne for the Aphex Twin reading.

Here’s the lineup for the Townshend’s Tea concert of Disquiet Junto participants. They will play pieces inspired by past Junto projects, and talk about their compositional and performance process. The event will begin at 8pm on May 7. There’s a Facebook event page for the Junto show. Carlson, I should note, is the developer of the iOS app Borderlands, one of the most popular apps among Disquiet Junto members.

  • Chris Carlson
  • Ted Laderas – the OO-Ray
  • Bob Phillips – Rawore
  • Keith Spears

And here’s the lineup of musicians assisting me at my Aphex Twin reading. The event will begin at 7:30pm on May 8. There’s a Facebook event page for the Aphex Twin 33 1/3 date.

  • Brumes
  • Ted Laderas – the OO-Ray
  • Marcus Fischer

And I’ll be in town until late in the day on Friday, so if anything interesting is going on, please let me know.

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