“SÃ¥ Kan Det GÃ¥”

Alveola unveils her glitchy puzzle.

“SÃ¥ kan det gÃ¥” by the Swedish musician Alveola Ämting lays a tremulous vocal amid a light shimmer of broken static. Her granular sounds, a gentle if brittle smattering of nano-sonic fissures, give way as time passes to her halting, slow-paced intonation:

I was not looking for trouble But I got caught by a siren song You keep me busy with your puzzles

I know I should keep off your heart But I don’t fancy normal love You can hold me responsible Cause I’m the one that follows you around

The vocal is lightly processed, the words melding with the background, so where the treated verbalization ends and the backdrop begins is kept enticingly uncertain. Alveola indeed keeps our ears busy with her puzzles.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/alveola. Alveola Ämting is based in Härnösand, Sweden. More at alveola.se and her youtube.com channel.

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