8-bit Bossa Nova

From São Paulo, Brazil—based musician Asvfuks

There is a lot of intriguing music streaming in the feed of the São Paulo, Brazil”“based musician who identifies as Asvfuks on the SoundCloud service (and on Instagram, among other places). The track “A Divisão Do João,” by way of example, seems to be based on a snatch of music by João Gilberto, the bossa nova great whose picture is featured on the track. Gilberto’s voice and acoustic guitar appear to be heard at the opening and close of “A Divisão.” A loop of that initial vocal fragment steers the sample into uncanny-valley territory, while the accompanying shaker finds a semi-modern rhythmic contemporary in a broken 8bit beat that persists for the majority of the track, before it all comes to a close with a coda of the original source audio.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/asvfuks.

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