Disquiet Book Club: Daphne Oram’s An Individual Note

The discussion begins at disquiet.com/forums on June 18

20140607-daphneoramA proper online discussion forum was recently introduced on Disquiet.com. The implementation is still in beta, but it seems to be functioning well. One of the things the forum will support is an occasional book club. After much deliberation, the first book we’ll be collectively reading and talking about is the out-of-print volume An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics by composer, theoretician, philosopher, and studio manager Daphne Oram, perhaps best known for her pioneering efforts in the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. Oram passed away in 2003 at the age of 77. The discussion will begin on the 15th of this month, a Sunday. Originally published in 1971, An Individual Note is available as a free PDF download here:


On the morning of June 15, California time, a discussion thread will appear in the forums here:


Thanks for considering joining in. There will be more such discussion groups in the future. A number of excellent suggestions were contributed to the forum in the process of coming up with the Oram title.

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