Remote Dub

A remix of Corruption and nothing but Corruption

The prolific Japan-based musician who melds noise and beats, atmospherics both constructed and field-recorded, and who goes by the name Corruption has been rapidly expanding his SoundCloud presence, with 414 tracks at last count (at The producer has been mentioned here at least twice, once for the percussive prickles of “Lukewarm”, once for some Roppongi street noise, back when the file count was a mere 324. For a long time there was no additional information about Corruption associated with the uploaded tracks, but now there is a link to the small label And now one of the Damade labelmates has posted a single track composed entirely of elements from Corruption tracks. It is a remote form of dub, just a slithery, shuffling beat below what could be a raspy melodica sample. It pulses and flows, occasionally filled out with distant synth chords, watery bubbling, and sonic cloud formations. But at its core it is hard, static dub.

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