A Classical Timbre

An ambient frozen moment from Forelight

Forelight’s “Speckled Light” bears the primary tag “ambient” in its SoundCloud posting. The track embodies a certain ether vibe that certainly accounts for the association, but the track challenges the category as well. For all its shaft-of-sun frozen-moment epiphany-on-hold stasis beauty, it opens with a fast moving crescendo and comes to embody waves of underlying rhythmic current, the sort of motion that can cause disorientation, like being in the back seat of a cab after a long night. It’s a beautiful track. There are numerous “types” of tonality in ambient music, from dance-club lounge, to slick synth spiritualism, and the timbre here is more inherently symphonic: chordal, dense, rooted. And there’s the added mystery of about two minutes of hissy near silence that follow the five-and-a-half-minute audio.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/forelight.

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