Random Access Beatcraft

From Philly's TLKE

The random-access beatcraft of Philly-based TLKE has more reference points than the appendix to a PhD disseration. It’s a constant flow of information, sometimes excitedly fractured, at others tribal in its processional metrics. It is always moving, always aborbing external sounds and from them making something new. Often as not the methods of production are turned into the sonic focal point, like the way vinyl textures and beat-loop seams are the cornerstones of “Moon Wrangles (Ripple Effect)” and how the unique skipping-CD flavor provides the salvo on “Exile Path.” Both those tracks are off the extravagantly titled The Abstract Reorganization of Subliminal Oneness by the Laughing Khokmah Ensemble, which is what the “TLKE” abbreviation expands to. The music brings to mind the abstract hip-hop of Arcka and Small Professor, TLKE’s fellow Philadelphians (both of whom, one directly and the other indirectly, introduced me to the music). Though it’s at times quite hypnotically intent in its almost solemn, deeply considered persistence, the album finds space for the kind of broken soul that Arcka and Small Professor often pursue. Just check out the glitchy claps and boomerang samples that make up “See of Time.” Tremendous stuff, throughout, all 22 tracks.

Album originally posed at “name your price” at tlke.bandcamp.com.

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