What Does This Poster Sound Like?

Posters for my course, courtesy of Boon Design

This marks the fifth semester that I’ve taught my course on the role of sound in the media landscape at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I love teaching this course. It’s an immersive, 15-week series of classes. We meet once per week for three hours, and then there’s nine hours of homework assigned each week. One thing I’ve wanted to do is to cross-pollinate with students from other departments, so it was suggested by the school that I develop some posters they could post while the registration is underway for the Spring 2015 semester. I came up with a series of questions that are at the heart of the course, and Brian Scott of Boon Design laid these out:

aoa poster 1

aoa poster 2

aoa poster 3

aoa poster 4

The course is touched on here on occasion with the “sounds-of-brands” tag. More from Boon Design at boondesign.com.

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