SoundCloud Single-Track Repeat

A welcome addition to the service's interface

I’m not sure how long this has been part of the SoundCloud interface, and if it’s been a long time then I’m embarrassed to say I’m only just noticing it, but SoundCloud now has single-track repeat available. This track-repeat function is part of the “now-playing bar,” a tool that was introduced awhile back to show what is playing. The tool in general is helpful because after a track plays, the service automatically proceeds to another track, and the bar both shows the name of what’s playing and is clickable through to that track. If you’re playing a set, then after the track you’re playing it moves on to the next one in the set, but if you’re playing just a standalone track, then the tracks are drawn from the general SoundCloud database based on what the previous track was, the latter option providing a nice, low-key “discovery” apparatus. The “now-playing bar” emulates the “mini” view of audio players like VLC and iTunes, among others. The “single-track repeat” function appears courtesy of the fairly ubiquitous treatment of a circular arrow with a “1” in it.

The bar looks like this, if you’re not familiar with it. It resides in the lower-right corner of the page:


And this is how the implementation appears on the SoundCloud webpage:


PS: A SoundCloud employee just let me know (today, December 1, 2014) that the single-track repeat has been active for “about two weeks.”

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