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Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I regularly sent out an email newsletter. And as the years passed and email became more of a burden and less of a source of wonder, I did it less and less frequently. (And even further back, in 1994, I founded the email magazine of Tower Records, called epulse, which ran for a decade.) But for various reasons I’ve picked up the habit again, and having done a new entry for the last three Tuesdays in a row, I feel fairly confident that I’ll continue doing it henceforth. Maybe not every week, but with some regularity. Much of the material will appear here, or vice versa, but there will be material that is specific to the newsletter, more cursory, off-the-cuff things like lists of current fixations and obsessions (the most recent newsletter, posted yesterday, included “text-to-speech … “always on” listening devices … the not-quite-silences of conference calls … sound effects in comics … sound design of TV shows … getting reacquainted with the sound of rain”). Also unique to the newsletter are occasional contests to get free stuff, such as downloads of new albums as well as books, and who knows what in the future.

Here’s the subscription form:

Or you can sign up at tinyletter.com/disquiet.

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