If Harold Budd Played Guitar

Lovely solo work from Leuven, Belgium

Based in Leuven, Belgium, the musician Stijn Hüwels records solo work that sometimes sounds like what Harold Budd might have been up to had he favored the guitar over the piano. The slow instrumental pacing of “If You Remember Me Then I Don’t Care if Everyone Else Forgets” is just as murky, fluid, and ambiguous as fine Budd, with that sense of melodies that are likely to dissolve if you pay attention to them too closely. That’s especially the case on the opening track, “He Tried to Forget.” The eight tracks range from efforts in deep sublimation, like the muffled “Coalescence,” to the more song-like “Clouds as Seen from an Airplane,” in which gently plucked chords eke out tentative, lightly dissonant spaces. The digital release is also available as a limited (50-piece) cassette run from the fine Ghent, Belgium”“based label Dauw.


Originally posted at dauw.bandcamp.com. More from Stijn Hüwels at soundcloud.com/steiner, twitter.com/stijnhuwels, and steinersteiner.tumblr.com. More from the Dauw label at dauwlabel.tumblr.com and soundcloud.com/dauwlabel.

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